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Trainee Programmer Placement Program

Full Time, IT Vacancy In South Glamorgan


Please note this is a training programme with career placement and fees apply*
If you are looking to progress a career in computer programming or web development, then this training and placement programme is made for you?
Skills shortages in the IT sector are driving the need for qualified, entry-level career seekers and career changers.
All you need is a desire to work hard and invest some time and money in yourself to build the foundations for a new career.
We help you start your career journey in programming by firstly ensuring you have the necessary industry recognised certifications and skills required to build a career.
We ensure you market yourself properly through a structured career driven cv and LinkedIn profile highlighting your skills, any experience, and relevant transferable skills from other roles.
Finally, our tutors will help you create a credible portfolio to demonstrate your skills and abilities to potential new employers.
We have many years of experience in helping graduates find their first roles in top UK companies and organisations who need to employ entry-level qualified programming staff that can hit the ground running with up-to-date skills gained from this programme.
The programme is specifically designed for individuals with none or limited experience but a real desire to start a career. Therefore, please do not apply if you are already an experienced programmer.
Whether you are working full-time, part-time or are unemployed, this package has the flexibility to be completed at a pace that suits you and can be completed in as little as a few weeks or a few months (see steps 1 to 4 below). Study timings are approximate and assume you can study for a minimum 5 hours per week. *Training times will be reduced if you are able to invest more time each week.
Stage 1 – Learn HTML and CSS (*up to 12 weeks)
The first step is completing a selection of professional and industry-recognised courses. We have carefully selected these courses to give you the most out of both your learning and employment journey.
* HTML Essentials (*up to 6 weeks)
* CSS Essentials (*up to weeks)
Training is delivered through multimedia rich video tutorials, presentations and quizzes using an online portal enabling you to study online from anywhere you choose. You will also be assigned an expert tutor and a support mentor who will work with you 1-2-1 or in group sessions to provide additional training and support.
Once the HTML & CSS courses are complete, your trainer will move you forward to the next stage.
Stage 2 – Additional Online Training (*up to 12 weeks)
The second step includes a selection of more advanced courses to get you up to speed for what is required and relevant for many entry level programming roles and help you get a step ahead.
* Learn the Command Line (*1.5 weeks)
* Learn Git & GitHub (*1.5 weeks)
* Learn JavaScript (*1.5 weeks)
* Learn Python 3 (*1.5 weeks)
JavaScript forms the foundation of almost everything you see on the Internet. Therefore, this is an essential addition language in building your programming and development foundation.
Python is a highly versatile programming language and due to its relatively “easy to understand” commands now one of the most common programming languages used. You can use it for both small and complex tasks, and it is used across many different industries broadening your scope of opportunity.
Step 3 – Building a Portfolio Website Project (1 week)
Your tutor will provide you with some exercises and guidelines to help you build your own personalised portfolio. Having a strong portfolio to which demonstrates and showcases your range of skills and ability is essential within a programming career.
In addition, we will now provide additional Study Courses for your continued development and broadening of your skills. Completion of these course is voluntary but recommended.
* AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
* Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
Step 4 – Entry Level Coding placement
We will now work with you to help you secure your first role in a role utilising your new skills in a coding, programming, or web development role.
There are many entry level roles where your newly learned skills can be applied meaning a vast array of opportunities are now available to you. Examples of some of these are listed below: –
* Junior Developer
* Website Support Developer
* Junior Web Developer
* Content Editor
* WordPress Developer
* Junior Software Developer
* Junior Front or Back End Development
* Development Support
We have been helping career changers and new career seekers gain new careers since 2009 and we are a CompTIA Gold Partner, accredited by the BCS (Chartered Institute of IT/ British Computer Society) to ensure we provide the highest levels of training. We also have a 4.9 Trustpilot rating and numerous testimonials available on our website.
Our money back Job Guarantee
Due to our success and confidence in the results we deliver, and the skills shortage for entry-level coding staff we guarantee you will secure a job upon completion of your study programme, or we will refund you 100% of your course fees back. This is subject to our terms of learning/ terms of business.
Qualification for this programme?
To ensure we maintain a high level of support for our candidates, we limit spaces to this programme.
Apply before the deadline and one of our consultants will speak with you to check your eligibility for the programme

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