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Cyber Security Trainee Placement Programme

Full Time, IT Vacancy In City of Edinburgh


Cyber Security Trainee Placement Programme
*Please note this is a training course and fees apply*
Are you looking to benefit from a new career in IT and Cybersecurity? Skills shortages in the IT sector are driving the need for qualified, entry-level career seekers and career changers.
We help place graduates from this programme into top UK companies and organisations needing to employ entry-level IT and Cybersecurity staff that can hit the ground running with up-to-date skills gained from this programme.
The best part is you will not need any previous experience as fully accredited training, which includes tutor support and mentoring, provides you with the skills, practical knowledge and qualifications for you to secure a professional job and career in IT.
Whether you are working full time, part time or are unemployed, this package has the flexibility to be completed at a pace that suits you and can be completed in a few weeks or a few months (step 1 to 4 below). Your job and career goals are completed in 4 easy steps.
Job Guarantee – How does it work?
Due to the success of this programme and the skills shortage of entry-level IT staff, we can guarantee you will secure an entry level IT job upon completion of your study programme or we will refund you 100% of your course fees back. This is subject to our terms of learning.
Students are able to start the training with a deposit of around £190 and finance the remaining balance over 12 months interest free. This means many students finish the courses and find a placement within the term of the finance agreement.
Step 1 – Accredited Online Training
The first step is completing a selection of professional, accredited and industry recognised courses from CompTIA which is the global leader in IT Technician, Networking and Cybersecurity training. The training is delivered via multimedia rich video tutorials, practice labs, presentations and quizzes through a portal that you study from home. You will also be assigned an expert tutor and a support mentor to help you throughout your training.
Step 2 – Practical Training
You will gain practical experience by using practice labs which enable you to practice and master what you have learned. Gaining practical hands-on experience gives you confidence to be proficient in your first IT role. This combination of theoretical and practical skills is what line managers need you to have to be effective and confident in your role.
Step 3 – Official exams
You will then go on to sit the CompTIA A+ and the CompTIA Network+ exams to give you the official certifications which will be recognised not only in the UK, but worldwide. The CompTIA A+ is the most asked for certificate for entry-level IT roles
and the certification most IT Managers start their own careers with. All PCs in a professional environment are networked to servers, cloud based or otherwise and the Network+ gives you a needed foundation level of knowledge in networking.
Step 4 – IT Technician placement
Ideally you will need to gain two years’ experience in this role before you can progress into a cyber security role. While working as an IT Technician, we will release your second batch of training which is specifically designed to qualify you to move into the cybersecurity field. This official, accredited training consists of online training, practical training and an official exam (CompTIA Security+). Further we can tailor the package to include courses like the Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified Network Defender depending on your requirements and future direction.
Cybersecurity Role
Once you have completed all the mandatory training in step four and have gained two plus years experience in the IT industry, you will be ready to move into higher paying Cybersecurity roles.
We have been helping career changers and new career seekers gain new careers since 2009 and we are a CompTIA Gold Partner, accredited by the BCS (Chartered Institute of IT/ British Computer Society) and the EC-Council to ensure we provide the highest levels of training.
In addition, we are also ELCAS approved to help members of the Armed Forces, Service Leavers and Veterans gain rewarding careers in IT and Cybersecurity.
Passionate about starting a career in IT? Apply now and one of our friendly advisors will be in touch

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