the best EV Home Charger

What criteria do you look for in the best home EV charger?

  • Good Looks?
  • Power?
  • Convenience?
  • Can Pay For itself?

Why not go for ‘all of the above’ and Go Zero with the Optimus EV Charger ?

Go Zero Chargers brings a new and better charger to the EV market.

A mid priced, top quality charger with custom software where there are no strings.

  • Go Zero 7.4kW EV charger, wi-fi enabled.
  • Fixed price at £799, free, no obligation, on site physical survey.
  • Surveys have 2 hour bookable slots to save time.
  • Use Go Zero approved installers or use the survey to choose your own.
  • 7 days a week installations available.
  • 5m tethered cable included, our competitors charge upto £180 as an ‘extra’!
  • Advanced software to choose charging times and control from your phone.
  • Guest charging facility – set a tariff and allow others to book time on the charger.
  • Set your own pricing (per kWh). Ideal for Air BnB’s, small hotels, pubs and offices.
  • Open up the charger when not in use and make money from our network of users – the ‘just park’ of charging.
  • Pay in full or using Klarna in three 0% interest payments. (36 months terms coming Q1 2023)
  • Our customers rate us 4.7 on Trustpilot
Free Survey. Approved Installers.

To find out more about the Optimus EV charger


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